Question for Boomers

The gray line being jobs added since ’09 to the 55 years and older crowd. The red one being the same for those 54 years and younger. Now that we are told that we are well into recovery, consider the economic implications of trends above. Now the question.

Who do you think is going to be able to afford taking Boomer assets off Boomer hands when they no longer want to hold them? Their homes? Their stock portfolios? They are both priced based on an old reality – principally that they made the world a better place for their youngsters, ergo perpetual growth is all but assured.

Does the graph suggest perpetual growth? If the first rule of trading is, “the trend is your friend” what is the trend (for buyers)?

Now I have no quarrel with my fellow Boomers. I do however have an axe to grind with Too-Big-To-Fail. It is our century’s Manifest Destiny. In my opinion Boomers are being played, per capita they vote the most. They elites need the Boomers endorsement. So far they have it.

But I suspect the historians will look upon this time, our time, after we are dead and gone. Children will learn in school from their analysis two important things;

  1. Too-Big-to-Fail was corrupt to the core, lead to the suffering and death of millions.
  2. It was when the Boomer Generation was renamed the Bagholder Generation; the worst there ever was.

What do you think? How do you wish to be remembered?


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Intern Midterms

By Malcolm Campbell

Now that Young & French are halfway through their productivity analysis of  the 2012 action over at Midwest Mosaic, Tile Installer Toledo, I thought it would be a great idea to interview the interns so we have their reactions. Setting all apprehension aside, knowing that they have the project well in hand, they went all-in for the videos below.  It was fun and it shows.

What strikes me the most about Y & F is their commitment to the project in light of their demanding schedules; full final semester course load with a lotta capstone stuff, part-time jobs, and interviews with significant employers.

Employers…do not dither deciding about these two.  Their availability status will not last, and you will be sorry you missed out.

As a reminder, their work with me is unpaid, but you can change that by donating to the interns’ GoFundMe campaign. And you should. As I write this we are far from our $500 goal, and have only 38 days left.

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How Do We Break the Cycle of Higher Tuition and More Debt?

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Guest Post: Should You Work for Free?

By Seth Godin, From This is Seth’s Blog

That depends on what you mean by “work” and by “free.”

Work is what you do as a professional, when you make a promise that involves rigor and labor (physical and emotional) and risk. Work is showing up at the appointed time, whether or not you feel like it. Work is creating value on demand, and work (for the artist) means putting all of it (or most of it) on the line.

So it’s not work when you indulge your hobby and paint an oil landscape, but it’s work when you agree to paint someone’s house by next week. And it’s not work when you cook dinner for friends, but it’s work when you’re a sous chef on the line on Saturday night.

And free?

Well, you’re certainly not working for free if you get some cash at the end of the night. But what about a nine-minute segment on 60 Minutes about your new project, or a long interview with Krista Tippet on her radio show? Should you get paid for that?

Clearly not. Not if you think you’ll be able to turn that platform into positive change, into increased trust, into something that moves you forward.

Click here for more

Seth Godin has written 12 bestsellers that have been translated into 33 languages

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Protected: Guzzlenots

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This Video Will Change Your Life

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Protected: Thrashing with Dropbox

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No Tyranny Here; All We Have are Skittle Shitting Unicorns

By Malcolm Campbell

No Tyranny here? Follow along.

In 2011 Standard and Poors downgrades US Debt (on the heels of fiscal profligacy and political gridlock back in the summer of Tea-Party-Love). Market tanks.

In 2012, Libor Scandal breaks (primary rate manipulations [lending] by big banks costing the world [borrowers] trillions in bogus spread related fees). AKA Lieborgate.  The scandal outcomes so far are small and insignificant compared to big bank revenues and profits, no headline criminal convictions just the token liquidation of a couple of minimum-bonus-pool pawns. (move along nothing to see here).

January this year PBS Frontline interview with DOJ assistant AG Lanny Breuer admits equal justice does not apply to big banks. In anticipation of market jitters related to the ongoing fiscal-cliff-come-sequester-come-debt-ceiling saga and the likely S&P US debt downgrade redux, DOJ goes after the rating agency with a nuclear lawsuit to the tune of billions. According to today’s WSJ, “all the earnings the firm has reported in the last seven years” are in play. WSJ Opinion headline, It’s Payback.

People need to wake up.

This is not an R thing or a D thing this is a powers-that-be thing. You know them…the big-banker-smokers-of-schlong, Obama, Schumer and the play- along-to-get-along establishment Repubs. They are so afraid of the impending failure of Too-Big-to-Fail (our generation’s Manifest Destiny), that the stock market must be propped up BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. And if that means an end around on the rating agencies to keep doing the reach around on you, then so be it.

Where have we seen this movie before? Oh yes, it was the big banks who badgered the rating agencies to mark subprime mortgage crap as AAA in the lead up to the housing bubble. Private profits/public losses followed. How soon you forget.

Friends should recall that violence is an option under Malcolm X’s doctrine of “by any means necessary”. As you may recall things went swell for the Native American under Manifest Destiny. How will the deciders decide under the blow back of too-big-too-fail? Do you suppose they dread going there? You have been warned.

Bottom line, leaders choose tyranny when they are scared of losing control. That is until the people rise up and say “No more” with an equal and opposite force. So, this is as easy to read as playing poker. Via DOJ, the Obama admin fears the likelihood of an upward move in its precious borrowing rates. Implications would suggest;

-A stock market correction and general loss of investor confidence.
-That debt actually DOES matter.
-That spending really IS a problem, and
-The critters in congress will have to catch the kicked-can now-in-play.
-Followed by the goring of Golden Oxen
– And, blow back from the low information dependency class.
-Oh and that Keyensain Grand Wizard, Paul Krugman, is revealed to actually be a kook.

Pray for our leaders. For the time is coming when you may feel the calling to represent a force far more fearful than TBTF bankers.  But first turn in your guns. The Bankers have requested that your revolution not be televised.

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Support the Interns!

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Productivity Analysis Project for Midwest Mosaic, Inc.

By Malcolm Campbell

All revenue stage businesses should come to understand their underlying factors of productivity.  The information aids business planning and employee motivation.  Both factors can be leveraged toward increasing business performance.

At Midwest Mosaic, Inc. my tile installation services company, the need could not be more vital. In 2012 we went from one employee, me, to four (still including me). When there is but one employee analysis is a rather simple metal exercise. When there are many the mental approach does not scale.  Nor is a mental understanding nearly as rewarding to employees as it is to the main risk taker. Finally productivity outcomes differ from one to many. These outcomes, also known as experience factors, inform forward pricing. Pricing with inappropriate experience factors can harm business performance.

So I have formed a project group tasked with analyzing the productivity on the various tile jobs MWM performed in 2012. While I could do this myself, I believe it is more important to award the opportunity to interns, so that they may distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Also, it is important that I experience the executive factors: delegation, leadership, collaboration.

Joining the project team are: Ms. Emily Young and Ms. Chelsea French both of whom are senior business economics majors at Bowling Green State University expected to graduate this May 2013.

The high points:

  •  Young and French will digitize analog field data from daily project logs, and combine that with digital data from other sources.
  • They have chosen to use MS Access as their data crunching tool. I told them I was impressed, and you should be too!

Tile productivity is all about square feet (floors and walls) and lineal feet (various trims; base corners, etc.).  Hence they will be seeking to understand the number of square feet per workday of turn key goods on a given project or scope of work (experience factors). Followed by an understanding of the cost of labor per square foot. Finally they will compare actual costs to estimated costs to understand the economic value add  attributable to labor. The value should be returned to labor as soon as possible.

Work Product:

  • Update the historical estimating database with 2012 experience factors.
  • Make recommendations for bonus distribution to 2012 employees.

Follow on Project:

Consult on how to integrate the above process into the current IT configuration so that the data can be leveraged in real time with better accuracy.  Receiving better



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