Its All About the Team; Who are They?

Today, I was out in Defiance, OH, working outside.  Yeah it was cold.  Yeah it was breezy. Yeah it began to rain at the end.  But I was happy, because I had work.  Just another day doing direct labor for my small biz, Midwest Mosaic.

Putting in the time on the line gives me time to think.  Think about all that I want to accomplish.  The ideas.  The story behind them.  Their features.  Their usefulness.  The words that should go into blog posts.  And then I think about all the heavy lifting that needs to be done to convert these ideas into something.  Something that attracts interest.  Something that attracts risk takers. Humbly accepting, I can’t do it alone.  Remembering the common thread in so many start-up threads that the team matters more than the idea.  How Worth The Risk is about attracting Risk Makers too, team members.

Who will they be?  What will their strong suits be? How about their weaknesses? Will they bring the team opportunities yet unknown? Or will they introduce threats?

Its all a mystery.

But this post is for real.  And so am I.  This is my voice.  Enjoy knowing; I am happy, because I have work.

Come again soon.  More will be revealed.

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