Added WP_CRM to Worththeriskblog; Help I need an expert/advisor.

In keeping with my theme of asking for help and its corollary surrounding myself with people smarter than me, this is to let the www and the twittersphere know that I have added WP_CRM to the WTRblog and I need help.

A little bird told me that if she were able to start-up her own organization, the first thing she would do is set up CRM.  I am following her advice.  But an app, like any tool is only as valuable as the imagination, willingness and ability of the user. And I am afraid I am none too imaginative about CRM.  Don’t get me wrong, I do want to leverage CRM to its maximum value, and fast. But its all in the how.  The willingness is there but the ability is lacking.

In my role as small business owner over at Midwest Mosaic, Inc., I have all the routine customer relations one would expect, but the scale is small, few customers/large orders. The state of the art is good old fashioned face-to-face, phone calls, and one-to-one emails. Terribly inefficient and no chance for scale.  But even down at this humble level the need is clear; hence my ideations; and Plan & Spec Marketing. These are one-to-many propositions that demand scale and efficiency for sure.  And, I believe heartily that these ventures will delight many once launched and operational, a reward no doubt for the creators.

But before we take CRM into those ventures, let us first weave it into the WTR conversation, so that I may come to be of use to the smarter CRM community when it comes time to create

So if ye be a CRM expert who wishes to join WTR as an advisor and perhaps co-conspirator, hit me up on twitter @riskmaker1.

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