PLUS Size is Worth the Risk

A pal of mine shared this article from The Mail syndicating PLUS Model Magazine’s article asking the fashion industry What’s Wrong with plus size bodies. The article employs photos of the lovely Katya Zharkova, 28, (Size 12), in a visually compelling piece complete with statistics, shaming the fashion industry for selling skinny and going increasingly skinnier by the year.

Hit the links to form your own opinion, but here’s my take:

PLUS size is Worth the Risk.  Actually lets reframe the conversation, PLUS size is now Women size, ok and what was normal size is now MINUS size.

OK that being said, I don’t understand why we (speaking for men here) are sold skinny by the media.  Every man I know worships women like Katya, or Christina Hendricks from Mad Men.

I blame women.  Not all women of course, but an influential group nonetheless who seem to control the conversation. If women dress to impress other women, and if they are competitive by nature, then I blame groupthink in the fashion cabal pandering to the over consumptive behavior of self absorbed type-a women desperately trying to one-up each other in what would otherwise be blood-sport for the opposite sex; this to the exclusion of what men really want (ya there are creepy guys out there who say things like,”yeah baby I wont sleep with you unless you lose more weight” – but they’re the exception – haven’t met one yet, but met 1000 women who are freaks about being skinny).

I say we as red-blooded men who were born and bred for the purpose of loving women, need to stand up and say loud and clear to our women.  STOP! I want more of that.

And proudly proclaim, I want you to pour it all over me baby! Again and again. But this is just the opinion of a humble tile guy from Toledo.

What are your thoughts?


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