Mouse House Studios Goes Live

Previous visitors to my Ventures page may recall Mouse House Studios among the list. Mouse House is a closely held small business engaged in various real estate activities. With the completion of its first property 619 Acklin Ave, available for rent April 1, 2012, it was about time to get the site up and rolling.

Would have done so sooner had I known what tools are available to the WordPress newbie, and how easy they would be to use. Procrastination, thy name is Malcolm.

So go on over and check it out.  Mouse House is an interesting story to be sure.

Now, with what attention of yours I have left, I want to promote the idea to the budding entrepreneur and reader alike (because don’t we all know an entrepreneur close to home?) Some words of support/advice, because the recovery depends on entrepreneurs.

While your idea may be far out, high risk, ground breaking, and extremely innovative; it is important to have some present day revenue producing projects, preferably the low risk low reward types; such as a day job.

I know!….right?, reminds you of the guitarist come garage band player, the hair is perfect, the clothes are right, the riffs are mind blowing innovative; passion for the art abounds.  Enthusiasm for the next gig is all that seems to matter.  Yet the familiar refrain to the raconteur, “Don’t quit your day job” abounds.

And that’s what Mouse House is about, and Midwest Mosaic for that matter. These are my day jobs, low risk low reward ventures that get to revenue in no time at all.  And revenue is what separates the dreamers from the developers.  The projects buy my freedom one week of free cash flow at a time. Whilst in the process of working on these humble endeavors, I discover new tools and skills; such as putting up a WordPress site. Hint: its all in the templates. I get to collaborate with awesome people like Tina Gionis Photograpy and Tuhin Das, web designer. You guys are Worth the Risk!  Finally, I practice investment (delay gratification) and realize return on investment (gratification); however meager it may be.

For these I view as building blocks toward the bigger and riskier projects.  The road to success is just that…a road.  Enjoy the trip.

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