How to Access your email with Gmail

I’ve been searching for a way to access email accounts I create through Bluehost.  Not that it is hard to do.  I’m just picky on how I want to proceed.  In tech, a choice made leads to legacy issues.  I want to make the right choice, or do nothing.  Better to have no legacy than one you regret.  But a choice must be made, the impediment to it is finding the right info. Enter a simple Google search, and up pops the video below explaining how to set up your Bluehost generated email(s) through Gmail.

I’m ready to make a choice.

I like Gmail because of its integrated features with Calendar and the Android hardwares I use, Smartphone and Tablet.

Note: there are many options on how to get your email, Bluehost supports a wide range of them.  Not just limited to Gmail. Other options include;

Bluehost Webmail Portal

Setting up in any Client

Let me know what you think.



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