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I am in the process of putting up the new site for Midwest Mosaic, Inc., my small construction business based out of Toledo OH, providing skilled ceramic tile installation services to general contractors and construction managers in the tri-state area (OH, IN, MI).  It’s been in the works for a while (a euphamism for “its all up in my head” or straight up PROCRASTINATION).

Of late, I am inspired by Mr. Marty Dukes, a humble painting contractor out of Tulsa, OK. He runs the site  His site offers no nonsense approaches to highly effective marketing for the construction small business, including “how to get your site up and running in 15 minutes“, and “the trifecta of proximity marketing“. Bottom line, I really like his style and the quality of his presentations.  One other note: he offers coaching and onsite consulting services to get you up and running for not a lot of dough.  Marty is definitely Worth-the-Risk.

Now that I am done pimping Marty, I want to share with you a page (still up in my head) I want on my site, a page which can help prospects (customers) and potential partners (vendors and labor) gain trust in my regional foot print. I want them to believe that though I am out of Toledo, OH, I am quite capable of servicing them should they be located within my area of operations.

Currently we have projects in New Castle IN, Saintclairsville OH, and Brighton MI as well as ongoing activity in our home town, Muddville (for the Toledo Mud Hens fan). Our area of operations is a triangle with three equal sides spanning 250 miles and covering over 30K square miles!! Wouldn’t it be valuable for my customers to be able to see this graphically?

Here a picture is worth a thousand words.

This morning  I am looking for a hydraulic bottle jack and the Google search returns Harbor Freight stores.  And, the Harbor Freight web site offers a store locator with a map:

This is great, I can see Harbor Freight is in my area, so I will try them today.

I want something like this on my site.  So all I am simply proposing is a Google map backed with data from my projects list.  Simple enough, but the possibilities to inform our audience expand from there.  For instance, clicking on a project map icon should take the user to a unique page of blog posts filtered for the project. Or we could if we wanted, filter the map for segments of work…say residential or commercial…food service or healthcare.  You get the picture.

Do you think this is Worth the Risk?  What other features should go with the project location page?


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