I Have a Right to Work

by Malcolm Campbell

I have a right to work.

In MI.

In Ohio no, but in MI.


In other news: 13 former Chrysler Union workers were reinstated after firing.  Caught on film drinking 40oz and smoking what appears to be joints while on break, later returning to work.

Mish’s analysis on why the UAW would want them back. Not being a profit maximizing org unions seek to maximize power. Growth being among innate human prerogatives; for individuals as well as for groups. Money is power, dues is money.

Here’s Mish, Questioning Conclusive Evidence – the given reason for reinstatement:

Since when does a film of workers drinking and smoking pot on the job not constitute “conclusive evidence”?

I have the answer. Collective bargaining rules dictate arbitration, typically in a manner highly favorable to the union.

Keep in mind that the mission of the union is to protect the drunks, the drug addicts, the sluggards, and the rule violators from dismissal.


That’s easy. Because the more inept workers the union can keep employed, the more union workers will be required to do the job. The more union workers there are, the more union dues are collected.

It’s really that simple.

Mo dues, Mo $$$, Mo $$$, Mo power.
Power corrupts absolutely.
No $$$, no power.

If you are a big tree…
we have a small axe…
sharpened to cut you down.
Sharpened to cut you down.

So you know as a wee little tile trade contractor in Ohio, I operate at risk of being taken down by deep pocketed union affiliated law firms all the time. Why? When I respond to RFPs I show pricing to an array of potential General Contractors, some of whom may be signatory to a trade union which claims my work; some of whom not. Its opaque. When I am low and one of the union GC’s get the job, they offer me a contract that states I am part and parcel to certain third party CBA’s if I sign their tender. While the terms are not part of the bidding documents, the GC’s cannot waive the terms. It would breach their CBA. Its like a mafia. If I sign I’m on the hook for a lot of costs both direct labor and administrative compliance.

Last year I had to walk away from 20% of sales over something like this. I only knew better to walk away based on past experience, and the testimony of a fellow small fry who got BK’d on a similar deal. Lost his business and his home. That’s wrong!

Try to understand. I lay tile because it makes me happy. People pay me for it because they like my price and service. I hire other good tile guys because I have a customer problem…too many, a good problem. I retain employees because I pay competitive wages, and I’m a firm and fair leader. And I keep a steady flow of work for them. It’s real simple. We are simple and small. Kinda like most construction businesses… industry stats: 330k businesses and 3.3M workers. Average business size of 10 persons, median is probably 2 or 3, given the occasional 50+ person operation. So, the average business is a LOTC (low overhead trade contractor). Being a LOTC is just not conducive to another layer of compliance. Nor is it conducive toward due diligence on every GC bidding on my projects. Not at the prices paid/expected margins. Still collectivists would have it otherwise.

Plain and simple, unionism in construction protects a cabal of larger firms from the upstarts. If I get uppity, take the wrong project, they sick the union thugs on me. Simple. You probably don’t care and stopped reading, but you should care – you pay for it on all your prevailing wage projects. Where do you think $500 hammers come from? Small frys? Nope. Big bloated firms? Yep. And who do you think gets the job done most cost effectively with best quality and service? A big bloated firm with unmotivated workers all of whom are treated equally no matter how much or how little they accomplish be it poorly or well done? Or the little scrappy guy, the guy who has skin in the game? Is there really a contest?

Contracts bearing 3rd party CBA’s do not survive the competitive test. And so they don’t exist in right to work states. They should be illegal in states with strong collective bargaining traditions. The idea runs counter constitutional.

No one should be made to lose their livelihood and home on account of an honest days work doing something that makes them happy. This is America: life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not USSA. 

CBA’s turn trade labor into slave labor.
Forward Right-to-Work Ohio!

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