It Was a Sad Day; Will a Sadder Day for Liberty Follow?

by Malcolm Campbell

It was a sad day in Newton CT as yet another school shooting rampage destroys 26 innocent lives, 20 children.

Kent State Shooting

Sandy Hook Shooting

Is this a watershed moment? Is this like Four Dead in Ohio? The May 4, 1970 incident at Kent State University where the Ohio National Guard fired upon an unarmed crowd, killing four injuring one. Kent was a pivotal turn in the anti-war movement. Will Sandy Hook Elementary be a pivotal turn in the gun control movement?

I don’t know.

I urge caution. And here is why. Terrible people do terrible things. They cannot be stopped. All we have is rule of law and faith in a power greater than us.

Hopefully we can all agree that no matter how much you rely on people (your neighbors), or institutions run by people (your government); they will eventually fail you. We are imperfect. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The framers understood this; hence the second amendment. They gave us the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from craven individuals and groups. The 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights was not about preserving a hunter gatherer lifestyle, the framers were farmers. It was and still is about protecting yourself from predators and tyranny, especially tyrannous government. Anyone who thinks predation and tyranny are solved in this modern world is like a boy whistling in the dark.

Today was a sad day indeed. I am grieved, especially for the children.  My prayers go out for the dead (even the shooter), and the surviving family friends and community. I wonder on how to prevent this from happening again. Is more gun control the answer?


I say no.

While statistics capture every firearm death and every injurious discharge; And these support the thesis that guns are bad. I beg you to stop, think; Do statistics pick up how much conflict, injury and death are avoided because a potential victim or bystander was carrying? They don’t. Not by a long shot. Indeed yours truly was saved from a brutal beat down, a tragedy averted by a gun toting bystander. No police report filed, no incident recorded. I am indebted to this fellow. I am thankful I am still alive and that I suffer no long term disability from the assault.

Good fences make good neighbors. A gun is an imposing fence. So are guns good just the same? Or is it guns are neither good nor bad, but rather it is the people employing the gun? Should we rather gain greater control over the hearts and minds of individuals before they go bad? Can we really? Or are there some things best left to a higher power? And what of groups going bad? Groups do a far better job signaling their bad intent? The world is full of bad governments, evil dictators, and soulless cartels. They are overt in their intent and yet we are powerless to stop them.

So, go ahead and take away the guns.

Shall I remind you of the growing points of tyranny here at home?

  1. Patriot Act,
  2. National Defense Authorization Act,
  3. Future attempts at SOPA & PIPA? Did US ambasador to the UN Susan Rice’s comments on social media as it relates to Benghazi sow the seeds of discontent over a free and open Internet? How long do you think the Elite of this world will abide the Internet as a counter veiling force to their power?

All three are symptomatic of the increasing tyranny of government in the face of unraveling social contracts;

  • Foreign nationals should not fly planes into our buildings,
  • Diminishing collective bargaining,
  • Right-to-Work.
  • Non-dischargeable student loans in the face diminishing opportunity and payoff.

The trend is not our friend.

Depending on your point of view, freedom fighters are terrorists. And, the prerogative of the powerful is to put down the uprising, Qaddafi and Assad to name a few. All who dissent in the face of increasing power are marked. By writing this, I have no doubt that I am marked.

The road to hell is paved by people of good intent. Take away our guns to protect the children. Now what have you got?

The levers of control are becoming increasingly attractive for narcissists and psychopaths. For it is they who seek control. Good people simply wish to be left alone. Would that the day come that in order to restore the balance of power (is there really balance under an absolute power?) dissenters should be put down; it is far easier to do so when good people are unarmed.

Will that day be like May 4, 197o? A day where we all regain our senses about what right from wrong? Or will it be the massacre of the poor a-la Pappa Doc Duvalier (Haiti) or Francisco Franco (Spain). What assurances can you offer beyond the 2nd Amendment?

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

-Ben Franklin

On that infamous day, three choices will be offered to those that detest guns as the scourge of the earth;

  1. Dying by gunshot,
  2. Finding comfort in armed resistance, or
  3. Joining the apparatus that squeezes the trigger on those who prefer liberty or death.

How will you choose?


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