Intern Midterms

By Malcolm Campbell

Now that Young & French are halfway through their productivity analysis of  the 2012 action over at Midwest Mosaic, Tile Installer Toledo, I thought it would be a great idea to interview the interns so we have their reactions. Setting all apprehension aside, knowing that they have the project well in hand, they went all-in for the videos below.  It was fun and it shows.

What strikes me the most about Y & F is their commitment to the project in light of their demanding schedules; full final semester course load with a lotta capstone stuff, part-time jobs, and interviews with significant employers.

Employers…do not dither deciding about these two.  Their availability status will not last, and you will be sorry you missed out.

As a reminder, their work with me is unpaid, but you can change that by donating to the interns’ GoFundMe campaign. And you should. As I write this we are far from our $500 goal, and have only 38 days left.

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