Question for Boomers

The gray line being jobs added since ’09 to the 55 years and older crowd. The red one being the same for those 54 years and younger. Now that we are told that we are well into recovery, consider the economic implications of trends above. Now the question.

Who do you think is going to be able to afford taking Boomer assets off Boomer hands when they no longer want to hold them? Their homes? Their stock portfolios? They are both priced based on an old reality – principally that they made the world a better place for their youngsters, ergo perpetual growth is all but assured.

Does the graph suggest perpetual growth? If the first rule of trading is, “the trend is your friend” what is the trend (for buyers)?

Now I have no quarrel with my fellow Boomers. I do however have an axe to grind with Too-Big-To-Fail. It is our century’s Manifest Destiny. In my opinion Boomers are being played, per capita they vote the most. They elites need the Boomers endorsement. So far they have it.

But I suspect the historians will look upon this time, our time, after we are dead and gone. Children will learn in school from their analysis two important things;

  1. Too-Big-to-Fail was corrupt to the core, lead to the suffering and death of millions.
  2. It was when the Boomer Generation was renamed the Bagholder Generation; the worst there ever was.

What do you think? How do you wish to be remembered?


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