Malcolm Campbell

Campbell is a construction business owner, real estate developer, blogger and website producer. Through WTR (Worth the Risk), Campbell seeks to attract talent and capital to his ventures.

Campbell holds a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Cincinnati (circa ’93) and an MBA in Finance and Organization Change from Bowling Green State University (circa ’09).

Campbell began his career (circa ’87) as a tile setters apprentice with a large unionized commercial tiling concern in Toledo, OH.  He worked his way up to tile setter and then project management. While he has held managerial positions with progressively more and more responsibility, his trajectory has always led back to tiling.  This is perhaps best understood through the commentary of his kindergarten teacher; whereas Campbell’s verbal development was delayed, speaking little up to 4 years of age.

Her words, “Malcolm has much to say through the things he builds.”

So he builds Midwest Mosaic and Mouse House Studios.  From these he will bootstrap build and launch various websites fueled by his two passions;

  • The low overhead trade contractors (LOTC’s), a term he coins for a group he is among; and,
  • Developing Green Credibility metrics for LOTC’s and other participants in the built environment.

Campbell is more talkative nowadays through WTR Blog and Mosaic Musings among other venues.  He is available for speaking engagements as well.

He may be reached at riskmaker1 [at]