Is Paul Krugman Insane or Retarded or Both?

By Malcolm Campbell

Questions for Paul Krugman, the high priest of Keynesian economic dogma:

Since the time whence Pres Nixon uttered, “We are all Keynesians Now.”

  • Why have wages for the common man not increased? 
  • And, why is poverty still increasing?

For the past 40+ years we have been “all-in”, and since the time of FDR and Woodrow Wilson before him, Progressives have been full on Keynesian.

  • So tell me why do bankers still get bigger bonuses? 
  • Why do politicians estates get larger? 
  • Why the ongoing departure in CEO salary from the common man?

Sir printing money from nothing never solves the effective capital allocation problem. It never will. If it did, why haven’t you yet invented a hose that sprays cash and given said hose to every State Governor and every City Mayor with which to hose down the streets with cash. And even if you did and we all became flush, in a years time would it change anything? How did it work out for Weimar? Zimbabwe?

Sir, only effort changes mud into stucco, only energy changes water into steam, and only the increasingly effective use of these creates real and tangible value for mankind.

You have to reward the effective/punish the ineffective. In our too-big-to-fail world, we do it the other way around.

Money printing is but a trick, Pelosi’s preferred gimmick. A gimmick’s sole purpose is to bamboozle the uninformed. The old drape your arm around my shoulder piss down my leg and make me think its raining trick. Sir, we can only be bamboozled for so long.

It seems the stars are lining up for yet another round of Keynesian stimulus. The people hear you. They want it. They want you to hose them down yet again. And the liquidity will pass, like all rounds before it, down the drain into monuments of stupidity (McMansions in corn fields – UPhoenix degrees for all). And we will all be collectively poorer for it, despite our implied follower-ship to an otherwise more hopeful outcome.

Insanity, doing the same thing again and again expecting a different outcome.

Retarded, stupid is as stupid does.

Dr. Paul, Nobel Prize dude, you are insanely retarded.

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